All over the nation families are facing new responsibilities: caring for a loved one who can no longer do for themselves things that they were the best at in their family. You remember those delicious meals she cooked every day when you were growing up. How she prepared the family feast at Thanksgiving. Everyone went home stuffed and probably took home large platefuls of turkey and all of the fixings.

Maybe you have noticed that she seems to move slower or walks as though she is out of balance and might fall. You’ve noticed she has started exhibiting some memory loss, forgetting activities that she has done on a weekly basis for years. Perhaps you’ve noticed that he is no longer changing his clothes voluntarily. And that getting him to take a bath is a struggle. All of these occurrences may bring to bear the need for a new unwritten job description – that of elder caregiver.

As the owners of World of Wellness Home Care, we have heard similar stories from many families, some at their wits end, about the changes they have experienced with their ailing parent or other loved one. Their tales of love and devotion are often tinged with anxiety, exhaustion and feelings of isolation. Isolation due to the belief other cannot understand the challenges they are facing. Isolation due to not knowing what to do next to ensure their loved one is protected, well and safe. Because the reality is that most people come to the role of caregiver with little or no experience and often don’t know where to turn for help.

The assistance World of Wellness Home Care offers to families depends on the results of the free in-home assessment we conduct, primarily related to what are considered activities of daily living. Does he need outside help preparing healthy meals; making sure he has an adequate supply of of clean clothes that are easy for him to access; making sure he is able to bathe safely; ensuring he takes his medications in the correct dosage, regularly, and on time; doing basic housekeeping chores, grocery and other shopping – as well as other tasks?

For some families, the need for outside in-home care services may be for care a few hours a day or week. For others there may be a need for full-day assistance and protective oversight. Still others may require assistance outside of the home at a care facility. Either way, we provide authentic, professional feedback and recommendations about care needs. We look forward to the opportunity to provide a free in-home assessment; call us at 303.780.7339 or contact Mary McGlothin Davis, PhD, RN at

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